Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Winters Tale Live

I loved seeing the Winters Tale performed instead of simply reading it. I sure am glad that I already knew the ending because it still was semi-annoying to me how "happily ever after" it was all of a sudden to end it. I feel like I could go on for a long time about what was well done, and what choices were interesting about the play, but I will make a list of a few things:

The setting: Interesting that they chose to have it set at a later date. It was hard to get over everyone in tuxes still going to the oracle at Delphi, but I think they pulled it off pretty well.

The concept: I thought the interactions between characters were very good, especially Leontes moving about the stage when furious with one of the characters. I think they made use of the whole stage quite well.

Art production: I really liked the set, especially the large moving window-like structures that dominated the set while in Sicilia. Bohemia seemed a little more contrived, but I guess that was to lighten the mood.

Acting: Leontes was probably my favorite. He is a very passionate character in the play, and the actor did a great job of showing lots of emotion. When reading, it is hard to have the characters yell in your head, so that was definitely a shock, but a good one, when Leontes started yelling at everyone in court. Also, for how tricky Shakespeare's lines sometimes are, I thought the actors delivered them quite well.

Overall, I felt drawn into the play (more than when I was just reading it) and felt for the characters as scenes unfolded. They made me laugh in Bohemia when I was supposed to, and tense up in Sicilia when I was supposed to. The only emotion I did not feel happiness in the end. I did not expect that to be so annoying since I had already read the play, but being invested into these characters for hours, and then see them "magically" get almost everything back in the very end of the play left me frustrated. It was a great production, overall, though.

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  1. I would also say that Leontes was my favorite; the way he paced up and down and raged in a believable way was incredible. Interesting to think that he was a last-minute replacement for this main role. But as far as plot goes... I though the ending was sweet. Maybe I am too sensitive though!